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Friday, 1 March 2019


This is Alfie. He was a six dinners Sid sort of cat. He visited our house most days to partake in some biscuits and a snooze in a comfy spot. More than once he was accidentally locked in with our three and spent the night here, rising with the rest for breakfast and ready to stretch his legs outside. Our three cats didn't mind him he was one of the pride. I knew where he lived (in the next drive down the hill) and kept his owner up to date if he was out all night. Unfortunately he was hit by a car and killed two weeks ago. I was really upset, I had grown fond of the cheeky little fella. I did this painting from a photo of him I took when he was upset I was closing the cat-flap one evening-the cafe was closed. I found out later he lived with two other cats that bullied him so maybe that is why he liked popping to ours. RIP Alfie.

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