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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Meet Archie

This is the second portrait which has now arrived with it's owner so I can show a photo.

This is Archie and he is a very handsome chap.

I did a watercolour and a pencil sketch.

Marsha loved them and I have to say he was a dream to do as she had sent me such clear photographs which always helps but I understand when this is not possible.

Question: how do you get paid from abroad for things you sell? does anyone have their own Pay pal account and get paid through this?


  1. Paypal is brilliantly simple and very secure in my experience. Your work is simply brilliant! xxx

  2. My God you have such a talent! Yes Paypal is the easiest solution & simple to set up. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. As above - you can't beat PayPal. It automatically converts the currency and is so easy.
    And what a fabulous portrait!

  4. You have caught Archie beautifully in your work Lyn, I am so thrilled with the portraits - it's Archie to perfection - his colouring, expression, the look in his eyes. You are so talented and I am incredibly lucky to have won these portraits. Thank you SO much! Marsha xx

  5. Lyn, this portrait is gorgeous! I think if I saw Archie in real life I would recognize him from your drawing!
    Tina in Germany

  6. Lovely work Lyn - like your sketches of coastline and buildings too. Thanks for visiting my blog. Lesley

  7. Incredible...I am in awe!

  8. Brilliant your work
    Hugs x

  9. Uhooi,,
    This results in a good picture,,

  10. We popped over to hello to Lucy cat! xx

  11. Lyn your pet pictures are beautiful. They are so lifelike. You are such a good artist.
    I draw our five dogs for my daughter, just in pencil. Then framed it for a homemade Xmas present.
    She loved it, but it was no where as good as yours. More a gesture of our pets. But I tried and that,s all that counts. Thank you for popping by my blog..